Why Start With Headstart?
Whether you're looking for vegetable transplants, ornamental plugs and liners, or finished poinsettias, Headstart Nursery should be your first choice for top quality plants and service. No other nursery can match our quality, our multiple growing locations, and our excellent customer service.

  Rooted in Quality
At Headstart Nursery, everything we grow is "Rooted in Quality." Our customers know they can rely on our experience and expertise to consistently produce top quality transplants and plugs that are compact, well-rooted, and ready to grow.

Headstart Nursery has been growing vegetable transplants and ornamental plugs for more than 30 years, and our family-owned business has grown up along with the transplant industry itself. Our highly qualified growers and production managers work hard to produce vigorous, uniform plants at all times of year.

Unlike other nurseries, Headstart is not afraid to take on the "hard stuff." In fact, we specialize in difficult-to-grow crops, from bell peppers, seedless watermelon, and artichokes, to specialty cut flowers, perennials, and herbs. We were among the first nurseries in California to be certified by the CCOF and are now experts in organically grown transplants.

At Headstart Nursery, we are always willing to take on new challenges. Our product lines are constantly expanding as our customers request new crops and varieties. Because of our versatility, experience and expertise, top growers around the country know they can count on Headstart Nursery to provide superior plants that are always "Rooted in Quality."

  Multiple Growing Locations
Only Headstart Nursery can provide an ideal growing environment at any time of the year. We take advantage of our multiple facilities throughout California to grow the best possible crops for all our customers.

Mild Northern California climate
Headstart Nursery's main facility and company headquarters are in Gilroy, California, just 25 miles north of Salinas. Gilroy's warm summers, cool nights, and high light intensity make it an ideal climate to grow transplants year-round for the San Joaquin and Salinas valleys. We also have satellite facilities in Castroville and Salinas, where we can take advantage of the cooler coastal climate and ship directly to local growers. We have approximately 800,000 total square feet of covered greenhouse space in Northern California, plus raised benches and other outside growing areas for optimal conditions at all stages of crop development.

Desert Sunshine
Headstart also has more than 700,000 square feet of covered greenhouse space in the Coachella Valley. Our central desert location means we can provide desert-hardened plants and superior service to growers throughout Southern California and Arizona. At various times of the year, Headstart Nursery has the unique ability to shift plants between our desert and Gilroy locations. This means we can take advantage of the desert's high light and warm temperatures in the winter months…then move back north when the summer heat sets in.

  Unparalleled Customer Service
At Headstart Nursery, we don't just grow great plants. We are also committed to providing a high level of service to all of our customers, for orders from just one tray to more than a million plants.

We use Picas, an integrated greenhouse production management system, so we can provide immediate confirmation of orders and shipments. Our growers and managers also use this tool to track germination rates, monitor inventory, and verify plant counts. If there is ever a problem, we know about it well in advance and can usually make adjustments to ensure that our customers get the plants they need. For Ornamental customers, we generate weekly availability listings, so customers can always order extra plants or try new varieties.

In addition to our friendly, knowledgeable office and production staff, Headstart also has experienced field representatives who travel throughout California to check plant stands and visit growers in the field. Our field reps work closely with seed companies and conduct field trials to test the newest varieties. We always follow up on these trials to be sure our customers stay on the leading edge of new introductions.

All of Headstart's employees - from our truck drivers to our top managers - share in the company's overall commitment to customer service. We pride ourselves on being flexible, versatile, and responsive to the needs of all our customers.

Headstart Nursery is hard to beat. No other nursery can offer our unique combination of excellent quality plants, multiple growing locations, and superior customer service. So…why grow anywhere else?

Start with the best. Start with Headstart Nursery.