Headstart Nursery ornamental products are sold through our network of qualified seed and plant brokers. This network has been established to provide you with the most experienced and best-educated service professionals in your area.

If you are unable to find a qualified broker in your area, please contact us.

Order Requirements
Headstart Nursery requires a 2-tray minimum for custom sow orders. There is no minimum for plants ordered from our Availability listings.

For seeded plugs, we require a lead time of 2 weeks plus the crop growing time. For vegetative liners, we require a lead time of 3 weeks plus the crop growing time. However, lead times can vary depending on seed/cutting availability. Please talk to your sales representative for questions about specific crops and varieties.

Availability orders must be received by Friday at 4:00 pm PST for Monday shipping, or by Tuesday 12:00 noon PST for Wednesday shipping.

For seeded plugs, cancellations or changes can be made up to 1 week prior to the sow date. Cancellations or changes are not allowed after the sow date.

For vegetative liners, cancellations or changes are only allowed until 3 weeks before the scheduled stick date. Cancellations and changes are not allowed after cuttings have been received.

As with any living product, changes and backorders may be required from time to time. Headstart Nursery will continuously monitor your order and inform your sales representative immediately if there are any problems. Substitutions will only be made with the consent of the customer and/or sales representative.