Vegetative Liners

In addition to seeded plugs, Headstart Nursery also produces top-quality annual and perennial vegetative liners. Our most popular crops include Bacopa, Petunia, Impatiens, Iberis, Lantana, Lavender, and Salvia. We work with an extensive network of cutting suppliers from around the world to provide our customers with exciting new crops and cultivars.

Headstart Nursery partnered with Mike Fernandez in 2011. Mike works as an Ornamental Sales Representative and Technical Advisor for Headstart Nursery. Having worked in the ornamental plant industry for more than 20 years, Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise in young plant and vegetative production.

Vegetative liners are grown in 200-cell styrene trays and 128-cell Ellepot trays. For more detailed information, see our tray specifications. For current pricing and order information, please contact your local sales representative or check our list of qualified brokers.

We hope you will take a look at our complete list of annual and perennial Vegetative Liners. However, we are constantly expanding this product line. Please contact us if you would like to order a crop or variety you don't see listed.