Caring For Your Poinsettias

Here are some simple tips to keep your Headstart Nursery poinsettias looking great for the entire holiday season (and beyond):
  1. Use the paper sleeves for protection when transporting your plants. Carefully remove each plant by gently tearing or cutting away the paper sleeve.

  2. Water plants whenever soil feels dry to the touch (usually every 2-3 days). Remove the decorative red pot cover, water thoroughly to the point of saturation, and allow pot to drain completely. It's better to err on the side of watering too often. Under-watering your poinsettias may cause the lower leaves to drop.

  3. Keep your plants out of direct sunlight. Poinsettias do best with about 6 hours of indirect or filtered sunlight every day.

  4. Poinsettias prefer an average room temperature of 68-70°F. Avoid placing plants where they are subject to cold drafts or excessive heat. Do not leave plants outside, as they are tropical plants that are sensitive to cold temperatures.

  5. Plants do not require any fertilizer while in bloom.