C is for Celery
Each year Headstart Nursery produces more than 100 million celery transplants. We have celery plants in our greenhouses 365 days a year, and we ship to growers from the desert to the coastal valleys. Because we always have large volumes of celery on hand, we can supply extra plants if needed to help finish off a field or fill extra acreage. Headstart also grows CCOF-Certified Organic celery transplants.

Headstart Nursery's main location in Gilroy, California, is close to the heart of California's central coast celery production, and we also provide plants to leading celery growers in the Southern coastal areas. We have worked with desert growers in southern California and Arizona to pioneer celery programs there as well. We grow celery both in large-cell (1-inch) and small-cell (3/4- inch) trays. For more detailed information, see our tray specifications.

We've learned a lot over many years of growing celery and consistently produce the best quality plants year-round. We typically provide both seed and plants for one set price, making it easy for customers to plan their field costs.

We'd love to grow your next celery order too. Contact us to get more information, place an order, or check if any extra plants are available.