Start with the Best
Sometimes, bigger really is better. Headstart Nursery is the largest producer of watermelon transplants on the west coast. We've been growing watermelon longer, and at much higher volumes, than any other transplant nursery. Our customers include some of the nation's leading watermelon growers and seed producers, who know they can count on Headstart Nursery for consistently high-quality watermelon transplants. We also have many years of experience growing CCOF-certified organic watermelon transplants.

Headstart typically grows watermelon transplants in a 128-cell polystyrene tray. We also use 200-cell hard plastic trays or other cell sizes upon request. For more detailed information, see our tray specifications.

We have developed our own shipping system, using corrugated boxes and cardboard liners, to efficiently deliver watermelon plants anywhere on the west coast.

Make Every Seed Count
At upwards of 22 cents per seed for triploid (seedless) varieties, it's critical to get the most out of every seed dropped. At Headstart Nursery, we take special care to maximize germination and plant stands.

Although some customers supply their own seed, many growers find it more cost-effective to pay one set price to Headstart for seed and plants. That makes it easier for growers to budget their field costs, and leaves the responsibility for managing seed to Headstart.

Innovating with Ellepots
Watermelon in Ellepots Headstart recently pioneered one of the most exciting new developments in the watermelon growing industry. As an experiment to address early-season rooting problems, we tried growing watermelon transplants in Ellepots — self-contained plugs made of degradable paper in a 128 round cell styrene tray. Ellepots had previously been used mostly in Europe for ornamental crops. But the results we found for watermelon were astonishing.

What’s so great about Ellepots? These self-contained plugs have proven ideal for growing watermelon transplants. Due to improved air circulation around each individual plug, the plants root better and faster, resulting in hardy transplants that make the most of every seed.

Our customers that have tried watermelon in Ellepots find the self-contained plugs much easier to handle in the field. You can accidentally drop a plug (or even dump a whole tray upside down!) without damaging the plant or its roots. This increases the speed of transplanting, which reduces labor costs. Many watermelon growers feel the Ellepot plugs also take off faster and ultimately produce better-quality plants.

Needless to say, Headstart Nursery — along with the entire watermelon industry — is excited about this new development. We have already invested in additional equipment so we can increase our Ellepot production to meet our customers' growing demand. And we will continue to refine our growing techniques to maximize the benefits of this new product.

The nation's top watermelon growers start with Headstart Nursery, so why not you?
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