Placing an Order
All Headstart Nursery vegetable transplant orders are custom-sown. Orders are priced individually according to crop, volume, space availability, and time of year. Please contact us for a specific price quote or to place an order.

Small Volume Orders
For small orders, we use the following prices as a general guideline.
Actual prices may vary.

Headstart Nursery does require a minimum of four trays per variety/ship date, except for trials and spot orders (see pricing below).

Quantity Conventional Organic
0 - 1,000 plants House Seed
(4 tray minimum)
1,001 - 2,000 plants$145/M$150/M
2,001 - 3,500 plants$75/M$80/M
3,501 - 5,000 plants$60/M$65/M
5,001 - 10,000 plants$48/M$53/M
Over 10,000 plants$37/M$42/M

Trial Pricing (Customer Supplied Seed)
For seed trials, we typically charge per tray.

Tray Size Conventional
Small (10x20 Polystyrene)$27/tray$32/tray
Large (Styrofoam or hard plastic)$32/tray$37/tray

Spot Orders

Tray Size Conventional
Small (10x20 Polystyrene)$35/tray$40/tray
Large (Styrofoam or hard plastic)$45/tray$50/tray
Herbs from cutting$50/tray$55/tray

Because Headstart Nursery vegetable transplants are sown to order, we do not allow cancellations or changes once seed has been dropped.