Boy, Do We Know Peppers
Headstart Nursery has been growing bell pepper transplants since day one - literally - when company founder Steve Costa dropped seed for his very first order: 6,000 pepper plants for Christopher Ranch. Now, Headstart grows more than 100 million pepper plants each year, and we have become the industry expert on bell pepper transplant production. We also grow CCOF-certified organic pepper transplants.

Get the Most Out of Your Seed... or Ours
Of course, those early days of cheap, open-pollinated pepper seed are long gone. Today, the market demand is for hybrid pepper varieties - which require much more expensive seed. Through years of experience, Headstart Nursery has learned how to maximize yields of these varieties, so our customers always get the most plants possible for their seed investment.

You can supply your own seed, or have Headstart Nursery provide the seed, which is a more cost-effective option for most growers. You know your budget ahead of time because you simply pay one set price for the number of plants that you receive. Headstart takes the responsibility for managing the seed, so your order will not come up short - and you won't be stuck buying more seed than you need.

Peppers Anytime, Anywhere
Headstart Nursery now has peppers in our greenhouses nearly year-round, for growers from Mexico all the way up to Washington state. We work closely with our customers to pioneer new pepper projects. We even transplant fall peppers at midnight in the scorching August desert heat!

Because we grow so many peppers, we often have extra plants available. And since we can take advantage of our multiple locations in Northern California and the Southern California desert, we can ensure that our customers get the best plants possible at any time of the year.

Rooted in Quality
Most of the top pepper growers in California turn to Headstart Nursery for their transplants. Our plants are consistently more field-ready and better rooted than any other nursery can provide. We grow most of our pepper plants in a large (1-inch) cell, which is currently the industry standard. But we have also had success growing in smaller (3/4-inch) cells, which may offer some cost savings to interested growers. For more detailed information, see our tray specifications.

If you're looking for pepper transplants, you've come to the right place! Contact us to get more information, place an order, or check if any extra plants are available.